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July 26, 2021

The Emotional Body

“True emotional healing doesn’t happen without feeling. The only way out is through”

-Jessica Moore

Most of my life, I felt like I had to BELIEVE in order to SEE. I was stuck in this Matrix of cause and effect. I was making sense of myself and this world strictly through the eyes of the Physical. 

Many of our environments and surroundings can affirm our beliefs in the Physical. Things are the way they are. That’s final. This is one dimension. 

Until….that crazy shit starts happening. You hear stories of people having profound experiences after a Near Death Experience. You hear a story of someone going into a Past Life Regression and recalling over 80 past lives. You see someone channel a higher being, and see their mannerisms, rate of speech and voice change. You see other channelers tell someone something only they could possibly know. You see, or even have experienced crazy synchronicities that have you question this very existence. And you don’t need to be on a psychedelic journey to experience them. 

After seeing, hearing, and maybe experiencing this first hand, it’s almost impossible now to look at this world as strictly physical. But I get it, it’s easier to do. You can prove the physical. It’s harder to prove the emotional, spiritual, supernatural, or quantum realm. But, then you get guys like Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza, who logically break down how everything on this earth, at the smallest subatomic level, is Energy

I mean think about it…it’s like taking a number and cutting it in half a bajillion times. At the subatomic level, the atom is comprised of something like 99.9999999% energy and 0.0000001% EMPTY SPACE.

This phenomenon can be greatly explained in the realm of Quantum Physics. I’m no expert, but Dr. Joe gave a nice general overview in his book “How to Break The Habit of Being Yourself”. It opened my doors for better understanding the unexplainable. 

Now that we know that we are living in an energetic reality, it’s not just seeing to believing. Now, we can actually believe in order to see. We become the creators of our reality. The power is yours. What are you going to do with it?

But, in this blog post, I want to talk about the Energy and Emotional Body. Especially, in regards to how it relates to our health

Many times we see a physical symptom, and we treat it with a physical solution. This works. Changing our diet, exercising, sleeping better, getting in Nature, nasal breathing, modern medicine and others work absolute wonders. But, sometimes, we can be doing everything right…yet something is still off. 

When this may be the case, it’s time to look at the Emotional Body

My mom broke it down for me that we have the Etheric body, then the Emotional body, THEN the Physical body. It goes from top to bottom. So, if we have stuck energy in our emotional body, it can actually manifest itself into physical symptoms

I hear people talk about money and keys to building financial wealth. The best thing you can do is to keep that money moving and invest back into yourself and/or your business. If we leave money just sitting in the bank account, that is stuck energy, and it can be harder to manifest more money into your life. This is very similar to our emotions and trauma. 

There have been times in my life where I was holding onto a particular emotion or thought. It was something that I wanted to say or do, but didn’t feel like I could or knew how. The more time this took up in my mind, the heavier this weight and more space it took up. My energy was very low and I felt “off” for a long time. Then, I built up the courage and spoke it out. What happened next was this energetic release off my shoulders and I felt like a million bucks. 

Other times, there may be things stuck that we don’t know, and when they get brought up, addressed and/or talked through, it can actually manifest into a runny nose or feeling sick because it’s almost like there is this emotional detox happening. I’ve seen it. 

My emotional wounds have been there, but I wouldn’t mark it as a 10/10 on the trauma scale. For people who have been through very intense, traumatic experiences, this weight is heavier than one can imagine. It might feel like we are drowning with chains attached to our ankles, unable to fully express our true selves. This can manifest into so many physical illnesses, stress, discomforts and/or diseases. 

I’ve taken a couple 30 day emotional intelligence courses, and I’ve seen people confront these traumas, whether it be talking to a parent who treated them poorly, physical or emotional abuse, or anything that made them feel like a victim. This is one of the hardest journeys to heal from. This is one of the hardest places to free ourselves and enter a space of forgiveness. But until we are able to bridge that gap and enter that space of forgiveness, this situation wraps its arms around our soul and controls our very being. Don’t forgive for them…forgive for you. One of my favorite books that changed my life is by Dr. John DiMartini called, “The Breakthrough Experience”. If you’ve dealt with any heavy trauma in your life, I highly recommend this book. Go through the “Quantum Collapse” process, and start your healing journey. 

For anyone who has been through trauma, especially childhood trauma, check out “How To Do The Work” by Nicole LePera. She’s an absolute guru in dissecting the best ways to start the healing journey through our trauma, and understanding that trauma isn’t just that 10/10 intense experience that we oftentime see on TV that fuels the character to do crazy things. No, trauma can be the time that kid looked at you funny. It could be the time you were picked last in dodgeball. It could be a time your mother or father told you to stop talking. It could be the time you weren’t allowed to sit with a certain friend group at lunch. All these small experiences tally up to create our trauma. Therefore, we all have it. And we all MUST do the work. 

The journey through the emotional body can be a rocky road. There are so many social norms that make doing this work very difficult. I can speak for men, doing this work, diving into those emotions, is not highly accepted in many dominating male sub-cultures. Finding a safe space to be able to dissect these feelings and emotions is unbelievably rewarding. Many times we feel like we’re walking through a hell all on our own, but my friend, I promise you that you are not alone. And I know there are others going through an even darker hell. Its an interesting paradox because this is our soul journey and we must do it alone, yet at the same time, we cannot do it ALL on our own. Community plays a major role.

When it comes to doing the work, so much of it starts with our thoughts in our mind. How incredible would it be, if we could switch our mindset to look at these traumatic experiences as a “gift”? Hear me out…This is where “The Breakthrough Experience” changed the game for me. Out of every horrible experience, if you truly dig, you will find positives as well. What if we choose to focus on these positives? What if…you fight the fight to get out for YOU, but also, because once you get out, you now have a story and can impact and change the lives of thousands of people who are NOW struggling with what YOU went through. You can now touch a group of people that not many people can because they didn’t go through what you went through. 

It’s oftentimes the people who have suffered in a particular field, who have come out the other side and are now the pioneers for creating change in that field. Not only does it give you fuel to change your life, but it gives you a purpose to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else, or for anyone going through it, you make the transition much less painful.

Bethany Hamilton is such a beautiful example for this. She lost her arm in a shark attack at a young age. She went through all the grief, anger resentment and the “Why Me’s”. She would have probably been the greatest female surfer of all time and impacted the surfing world, but this accident allowed her to touch the hearts of more people than she could have dreamed of. Now, she is a role model and inspiration for every child and person with a physical disability. She is an icon in the entire sports world, and she is an incredible inspiration for anyone going through struggle and hardship. It was as if spirit came down and told her if she could overcome this obstacle, then she will be a gift to the world. And that’s what she did.

Shifting our mind is a powerful thing. But it’s not easy. It takes awareness, consistency and work.

I also want to talk about Boundaries for a bit. My mom gave me this book called “Dodging Energy Vampires” by Christiane Northrup. I had done boundary work in my emotional intelligence courses, but this shined a light on something that hadn’t crossed my mind: Energy Vampires.

Once we become centered and intuit our bodies, we can become aware and feel when our energy is high and when it is low. What are those things, or when are those times when you feel like you can soar through the sky. It could be playing music, cooking, theater, hanging out with certain friends and family, playing a sport, driving, singing, dancing…you name it. Pay attention and start to write these things and people on a piece of paper. Those are your energy boosters. Keep them around 😉

Now, we have Energy Vampires. These are people, and could be things too, that drain your energy. As for things, it could be your job, cooking, schoolwork, etc. But the thing I really want us to focus on here are the people. Think of times when you are with a person and whether it was 5 minutes or an hour, afterwards you felt like someone just sucked the life force out of you. Yeah…those are energy vampires.

The diabolical thing about energy vampires, is that many times, they can be wrapped in a beautiful bow. I’m talking, these people could be your mom, or dad. They could be your significant other, brother, sister, best friend, coach, you name it. 

When it comes to this work, and learning about this for the first time, the first step is awareness. Pay attention to how you feel around the people in your life. 

One time, as I was a waiter, I had an older couple come in for lunch. We were slow this day as it was around Corona V time, so I made conversation with them. The wife started going down this deep, dark rabbit whole about how “my” generation is ruining things. Talking about “us” and “them” and history and war and I stood there, holding space, yet taking an absolute beating. I politely nodded (I did this a lot growing up because I didn’t know how to protect my energy). In this moment, I did a horrific job protecting my energy because after those 5 minutes, I walked to the back, and I had to sit down. I got light headed. I had to do light breathwork to bring myself back. My energy just got sucked dry. 

In “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield, he talks about the power and energy dynamic when communicating with others. If you could see energy and had observed our conversation, you would have seen all the energy flowing towards her, while mine trickled away. (Think of those dementors trying to get my man Harry Potter). This, my friends, is where boundaries are so so so very important. 

Being able to stand up for ourselves to protect our energy can oftentimes be called “selfish”, but we need to be “selfish” (with the right intention). We can’t have people walking all over us, especially my fellow empaths and people pleasers. (I love you all).  

In “Dodging Energy Vampires”, this concept caught my attention because the author gave an example of a woman who was doing everything “right”. She was eating right, sleeping right, exercising and more. Yet, she still felt off

Well, it wasn’t until she identified her energy vampire (which was one of her good friends), and cut the cord with them. That simple act did the trick. 

Growing up as a people pleaser and trying to avoid confrontation and conflict at any means necessary means that creating boundaries has not been a piece of cake. It started with shifting my awareness and looking at the importance of self love and self care. It is not “selfish” to put our health first. Many times we do this because we don’t want to hurt the other person. We come from a place of “service”. We think we are serving them, but please understand that we cannot fully serve someone to our greatest abilities if we are not filling our cup up first. Then, who knows, maybe by standing up for yourself and cutting them off it awakens them to get their priorities together. Which gives them permission to now step into their power.

It’s like a mother wanting to do everything for their child because they love them and want the best for them. Then it gets to a point where doing “everything” is hurting the child because once they go off on their own they don’t know how to do a thing for themselves. When creating that line, the child might throw a fit, but it will make them stronger. It’s undoubtedly what’s best for them, but it’s not easy to do. 

Making boundaries is not easy, but it is beyond rewarding. Just make sure it’s with the right intention.

Creating boundaries is one way to alleviate and start the healing process of the emotional body. There are also other, more mystic ways of creating this release. There are many energy body practices such as Reiki, Cranial Sacrals, Akashic records, Past life regressions, Holotropic Breathwork, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tapping, Crystal Healing, Qigong, and countless more. 

I’ve seen and heard absolutely amazing experiences that people have had using these different practices. 

My intention is to open up a potential blockage to change the way we look at that thing that we cannot touch. To understand that there is this energetic force playing an incredible role in our energy and health. 

Find what practices work best for you.

Sit in stillness to feel where emotions or pain sit in the body.

All it takes is a simple shift in awareness to open up this massive realm of potential healing.

If you resonate with any of this, check out some of those books I referenced, and maybe look into any alternative naturopathic healing practice that resonates with you.

Listen to your body.

You will be guided.

All love.


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