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July 19, 2021


“If there is magic on this planet. It is contained in water”

-Lorah Eisely

Growing up, sports were a massive part of my life. I played all kinds of sports, but I’ll never forget playing football in August. Throw yourself in 95 degree weather and cover every inch of your body with pads, you bet the dehydration game was real. So, my dad got me this epic, red gallon water jug with one of those nozzles on the end so you can waterfall the water. It was prime time. That jug and I became inseperable.

Fast forward to playing basketball, I was the six or seven man on our AAU team and I still had that bad boy (or girl…we don’t discriminate). With this ice cold water at our disposal, I shared the wealth with my teammates as they got some rest. I unconsciously became the “Waterboy”.

If you’ve been following me this past year and a half you’ll know I’ve invested in Kangen water. Well, my friends, this upped my “Waterboy” game by a thousand!

For most of my life, I was never conscious of how important good, quality drinking water was for our health. Most of us don’t even know what this looks like. I can tell you for me growing up, I thought any water was good water because at least it was better than soda, sports drinks and alcohol. But I quickly learned not all water is equal…Not even close.

First, let’s talk about the importance of hydration. FIrst things first, if you’re thirsty, you are dehydrated. Many times we don’t think we’re dehydrated because we aren’t passing out, but you don’t have to pass out to be dehydrated. 

If we’re relatively healthy, we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water per day. If we are struggling with health complications, we should be drinking even more. Some people barely get a couple glasses in a day. A lot of times when we are ill or tired or aging poorly we may not understand why, but the simple truth may be that we aren’t drinking enough water. Then the next level is we are not drinking the right kind of water.

Our bodies are 60 to 80 percent water. Our brain is 80% water. Our lungs are 83% water. Every cell and tissue and organ in our body relies on that water supply. Water plays a massive role on how well all of these parts function inside the body. The importance of water is undeniable. And there is water that optimizes our bodily functions and improves hydration, and water that actually oxidizes and inflames our bodies in the process. Makes you think, huh?

I talk about the medical grade, electrically reduced water created by Kangen water in and throughout my website. It’s rich in antioxidants which helps reduce oxidation, inflammation and aging in the body. It penetrates the blood brain barrier, hydrating the body on a CELLULAR level and is hands down the best water I’ve ever put into my body. I went through an incredible detox process just by drinking this water alone. I could rant for hours about how amazing and transformative this water has been for my health, and it’s important to talk about the good, but it’s also beneficial to talk about the not so good. 

Naturally, as I began learning about this water ionizer through the mind of a skeptic, I not only learned about the benefits of it, but I also learned about the dangers of the drinking water I’ve been accustomed to consuming: Tap water, bottled water, filtered water, and Reverse Osmosis to name a few. Learning about what is slipped into many of these waters is honestly horrifying. It doesn’t seem like it should be legal, but after understanding the meat and dairy industry, Pharma, and this “health” care system a little bit better, I’m truthfully not surprised. 

I think most of us can agree that tap water is no bueno. We are practically at the point where it is not even consumable. I saw “Erin Brockovich” a little over a year ago. It’s based on a true story about the government going through incredible lengths to cover up how they were basically poisoning the water supply and causing people to get ill and even die. These horrors continue throughout time. While more light shines on these injustices, leading to some steps in the right direction, it’s not enough. When big money gets involved, it’s hard not to question the motives of big businesses. Chlorine is put into this water to kill bad bacteria (good intention), but that chlorine is now in our water supply. One of many reasons we shouldn’t be drinking tap water.

Now, let’s talk about bottled water. I want to start off by acknowledging that I think bottled water is a blessing for supplying drinkable drinking water to third world countries and areas where people and families don’t have access to food or water at all. My heart goes out to them. But, if you are reading this, chances are you have the luxury of not worrying about being without water. Now, you have the choice and the privilege to choose what kind of water you put into your body. So many of us, like young me, lean towards bottled water because it’s convenient and better than soda and sugary drinks. Besides the fact that 1.3 billion plastic bottles are used every day and 80% of them end up in our oceans and landfills (stats from 2018), many of these bottled waters are actually acidic.

Go grab a pH dropper or strips and test it out for yourself. We know that illnesses and diseases survive and thrive in an acidic environment. So these bottled waters, Dasani, Deer Park, Nestle, to name a few, are something we should steer clear from. 

Now people are starting to become aware of the importance of having our bodies in an Alkaline state. I see new companies and water bottles all the time promoting themselves as “Alkaline water”. This is great and all, but if we read the fine print and do a little digging, you can see that many of these bottles go through Reverse Osmosis. Yes, RO filters out all the bad bacteria and contaminants, but it also strips the good minerals away and can actually do damage to our body. Since RO has a low mineral content or is completely void of minerals, when consumed, minerals are leached from the soft tissue of our intestines to compensate, therefore inflaming all our organs and diluting the pre-existing minerals in our body. When we cook in RO water, it strips and depletes 60 to 80 percent of the minerals in the food being cooked. The final scare with RO, and this is all found through scientific studies, RO water, when passed through metal piping, leaches that metal into the water. Now, we don’t all have RO filtration in our houses, but this process is being used for the majority of those water bottles that are labeled as “reverse osmosis”.

So, when it comes to quality water, we NEED the benefits of those good minerals. Natural sources of sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate (these make up electrolytes). Electrolyzed reduced water, through the process of electrolysis, produces these minerals.

When reading the “ingredients” section of many bottled waters, you’ll see things like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, to name a few. These are added to bump the pH and give the flavor the company desires. 

Fun fact, but you can take any acidic drink, and if you put enough baking soda in it, you can get it to read Alkaline, which is anything above a 7.0 pH (I’ve tested this…it’s actually pretty cool). 

These bottled alkaline waters are actually giving “Alkaline waters” a bad rap because by adding these additives, while in small quantities, it can actually do damage to people’s health. But as long as the label says it’s “tasty” and “pure” it should be good, right? And not only this, but when water sits in plastic for an extended period of time (which it does because it sits on the shelf for a hot minute), microplastics absorb into the water and again, while it’s a small quantity, that microplastic is still getting into the body. No bueno. 

My intention with writing this post is to understand the importance that water plays in our bodies, and to see the inequality of all these different waters that many of us have been drinking our whole lives. They are not all equal. Yes, we have the incredible fortune not to fight for simply staying hydrated. And with this fortune, we get to choose the water that best optimizes our health.

I hope this sparks you to do your own research into the water quality in your area and to even fact check me with tap and bottled waters and even Kangen water (The beautiful thing about Kangen water is if you drink it for just a month, you will feel the difference. It really does sell itself).

Water is one of my favorite natural elements, and its absolutely amazing. There’s a documentary and book called “The Secret of Water”, and it opens a new world to how you will perceive water. Have you seen “Frozen 2”? Remember when Olaf is talking about how water has memory? Well, in this documentary they basically prove that. They show that when we place an intention on water and/or play certain types of music around it, the structure of the water actually shifts. Water is ALIVE! Way back in the day we used to drink fresh, flowing water. Now we drink water that is…dead. Yup, I said dead. Water that runs through pipes, and instead of flowing smoothly, like down a stream (which actually gets filtered naturally through the rocks), it hits all these hard right angles (In the documentary they talk about the damage this has on this natural flowing water), and then we also many times get these metals leaked into our water. It’s kind of a nightmare, but it is a blessing that we have such easy access to it. I’ve always got to come back to gratitude

But remember, our bodies are electrical beings. When we drink low vibrational water, that affects our health and energy, just like food. As I was reading into the concept of “Earthing”, it was mirroring basically everything that Kangen water does (aiding free electrons and negative ions to the body, which neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress). Kangen water is water with an electrical charge. High amperage hitting 8 platinum titanium plates, and this is the equivalent of a lightning bolt striking a lake or river. This water practically zaps to life and, the molecules spread and flow freely, getting into the blood brain barrier and hydrating our organs and muscles and tissues all more effectively and efficiently. 

I don’t want to dive too much into the science here because you can look in the Kangen section of my website, but I believe heavily in testimony. This water has helped me, my sister, my mom, my friends and thousands of people around the world. People used to travel across the world to get this water, but now you can get this machine in your kitchen for the next 20+ years. It’s the most incredible thing!

Water is the life force. The best way to see if there is life on other planets is if there is a water supply. I truly believe our life changes once we become intentional about every decision we make and everything we put into our body. Start being conscious of the quality and quantity of the water you are consuming. Understand the utmost importance of drinking water. Water is 60-80% of our makeup. There’s no question that the type of water that makes up who we are is going to affect our energy and health. 

I have a friend who’s grandfather, with type 2 diabetes, started drinking this water and after 3 months was off 5.5 medication. I’ve seen it personally help with eczema and psoriasis by detoxing the liver and cleansing the skin from the inside out. I’ve shared it with friends who’ve told me it’s helped with acid reflux. Allergies have improved, muscle recovery for athletes improved, energy levels boosted, and it’s helped with inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis

The testimonies just keep rolling in. The potential to reduce oxidation in the body continues to blow my mind.

Electrolyzed reduced water has been confirmed and proven by science that it has the therapeutic potential to reverse over 170+ disease models. Check out that term on Pubmed or Google Scholar, especially if you enjoy science and real, tangible evidence.

If Kangen water has your mind buzzing with excitement to try some or learn more, shoot me a message. Learn all you can about it. If you’re in my area, get those jugs ready and try it out for a month. If you aren’t, we have distributors all over the country and world who will gladly share some with you. You, your family, and friends deserve this water. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Change your water, change your life

All love.


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