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July 5, 2021

Get In Nature

“In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows. Nature says, — he is my creature, and maugre all his impertinent griefs, he shall be glad with me”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever been outside, just to simply BE outside?

Have you ever walked outside, paused, breathed, smiled, then continued throughout your day?

Have you ever ventured out with your bare feet and felt, deeply, the buzzing connection between you and the vastness of the Earth?

Over the decades, technology has been on the rise. Buildings have shot up, cars have cut travel times tremendously, houses became insulated, work demands grew, screens drew the eyes in, and nature…well, nature’s always been there. 

Every morning that sun rises.

Every night it sets.

Nature has seen all of human existence. It’s got to hold some kind of ancient wisdom, right?

There is a deeper connection we have to the earth that so many of us busy humans may not realize. We might, subconsciously, I mean, how many times do you walk outside on a beautiful, fresh day and feel worse? Very few, if ever, right?

There’s a war going on to preserve the beauty and healing of Nature. Some believe in its vibrancy, and others just see it as wasted space.

Many who see it, without a spiritual lense, are most likely “number people”, thinking through the mind of logic and reasoning. They like to see the facts and analytics and conduct definitive proof, or else a thing cannot exist or be real. I don’t disrespect, I like breaking things down through the analytical mind. It becomes a fun little game. So, let’s break it down with some logic, shall we?

Clint Ober is a pioneer on the concept of “Earthing”, aka Grounding. I flipped through his book, “Earthing: The most important health discovery ever!”, and it’s nothing short of amazing. 

Before we dive in, I think it’s important to understand that we are electrical beings. Different molecules in our bodies have a particular electrical charge. Have you ever been shocked or been the shocker to another? It’s pretty nifty. I remember being super confused as to why I would get shocked, but now we know. 

Next, when we look at most sickness and dis-ease, we will find that most are inflammatory responses, such as arthritis, allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease, cancer, eczema, pain, kidney failure, the list goes on. 

Chronic inflammation is a result from an excess amount of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are “electron-hungry molecules” that scavenge the body, searching for these electrons, by stripping them from pathogens and damaged tissue. While free radicals do serve their purpose, once they get out of hand (excess amount of these bad boys), it can seriously do some damage inside the body. The way to neutralize these little guys is to get antioxidants or free electrons in the body.

Where does Mother Earth play a role here?

For starters, Earth, the ground, is negatively charged. It has virtually an infinite supply of free electrons. Whenever two conductors, the ground and our bare skin, make contact, electrons will flow from the place where they are abundant to the place where there are fewer of them. 

So, when we touch the earth with our bare feet, the big, negatively charged Earth overwhelms the little “electron-hungry” free radicals in the body. Long story short, when we connect with the earth, we reduce the amount of free radicals in the body. When we reduce free radicals, we reduce inflammation.

Still too far out?

Well, they actually have tools to measure conductivity. Doctors use electrophysiological and biomedical instrumentations such as EKGs, EEGs (electroecepthalograms) and EMGs (electromyograms). Doctors use these to monitor the electrical activities of the heart, brain and muscles. These tools can also be used to measure the conductivity in different areas of your house and/or the ground.

Clint Ober started inventing grounding pads, mattresses, and other cool items, to keep people grounded. We usually sleep on a fluffy bed and wear insulated shoes, and while these are amazing and incredibly comfy cozy, they disconnect us from the healing benefits of the Earth. Ober found a way to connect these different objects to the ground so you can, for example, sleep grounded. 

And the testimonies in this book are incredible. Sleeping dramatically improved. People were waking up feeling refreshed, falling asleep faster, reducing muscle stiffness, reducing back and joint pain, and more. 

The book goes much more into the science of this incredible finding, and I definitely recommend checking it out, or looking up “grounding”, “earthing”, or “forest bathing” on the vast interweb. There is also a documentary called “The Earthing Movie”, which is another amazing source.

Again, my goal here isn’t to shower you with an abundance of knowledge. It’s to give you a little snippet, spark your interest if it interests you, and then dive in and do your own research and experimentations with it.

For me, my mom actually introduced me to Earthing. She got me these wristbands with a wire that plugs into the outlet, and there’s a tester to make sure the outlet is connected to the ground to make sure it’s actually grounded. I started sleeping with them attached to my ankles  at night and the difference in my sleep was night and day. Not going to lie, I definitely had my skepticism, but then I tried it out and voila. 

I also feel into it when I’m outside, and now, it is my medicine. I think part of it has to do with my awareness and that I actually look at going outside and connecting with earth as medicine. When I do that, I not only neutralize free radicals and gain an abundance of free electrons, but I feel genuinely more connected. 

This is now a part of my integrated medicine routine. When I feel down, or tired, or somewhat under the weather, I’ll make sure to get a dose of Nature. I’ll sit, fully present, fully connected to all that’s going on around me. 

You will be absolutely amazed with how much is actually going on. The things we usually miss out on because we’re either on our phones, thinking of the past or future, or just simply not fully observing. 

When you sit, and still the mind and breath, listen to the wind. 

Listen to the trees sway and leaves bristle.

Listen to the birds singing in song.

Observe the flies and different flying creatures in your area.

Observe the ground and see how much LIFE is around you.

Observe other people. Pick up on their energy. 

Don’t focus on talking, or making sense out of anything, just simply BE.

All your stresses and concerns wither away when we are in this state of presence. Not only do you get the healing effects from being in Nature, but the alleviation of stress is incredible, which is the cause of some 80% of doctor visits. 

So often, we search for things we don’t have, longing for something bigger and better. But, during these moments, we lose sight of the beauty that can be just sitting in our backyard. Busyness is usually a great excuse for omitting many of these practices, but chances are you’ll get outside at some point each day, and when you do, simply stopping and taking a few deep breaths of fresh air can change the trajectory of your day. 

I got into surfing over the past few years, and I absolutely love it. The presence of being connected with nature to the point where I’m riding her energy is unreal. But, sometimes I really like to swim out past the breaks, and just float. Feel how truly small I really am. I feel the vastness of all that is around me. Sometimes, I can hear life under the water. I am connected.

I believe there is an epidemic of Loneliness. I really do, and I’m going to talk about this more later on. 

I’m personally a very independent person. I love my time to myself. And I’ve noticed that there is a difference between loneliness and solitude. 

Loneliness can be present even when we are surrounded by a large group of people. We might be at a party or event or even with some friends or family, and still feel absolutely alone. Like no one can truly understand us or what we’re going through. We feel like we cannot express our true selves. Physically, externally we are not alone, but deep down, it sure feels that way. 

It doesn’t matter who or how many people sleep in our bed at night, when we close our eyes, it’s just us in there. And that can be absolutely terrifying.

Solitude, I believe, is a conscious choice to be alone. But, personally, when I’m in this state, I never feel like I’m truly alone.

Many times I’ll travel to places by myself, no friends or family, and I’ll spark up conversation or run into someone on my path and feel deeply connected. It’s funny, but when you’re on your own, you seem to meet and connect with more people. Many times, it’s always the right person too.

The times when I am alone and feel lonely are when I am inside and/or sucked into technology, whether scrolling through social media or binging a show/movie. I used to feel incredibly alone in crowds as well.

But, when I’m alone in Nature, I NEVER feel truly alone. There is so much life around me. Whether it’s an ant crawling on my blanket or a bird floating in the sky, but also foot to earth, connected with the earth. It’s this unexplainably deep connection to ALL. Everything just slows down, my problems and fears especially. 

There is a good amount of data on this connection with the earth, and how trees actually communicate to each other, so I wouldn’t doubt they can communicate to us. I mean, we are electrical beings.

But there is also so much we do not understand. And THAT is super exciting!

So, get outside!

Feel into it for yourself. Everyone is different. Everyone will have a different experience.

Get at least a 10-15 minute daily dose of Mother Earth. It’s such an incredible tool for healing, and when you go outside, go in with the intention to heal. To connect.

When it comes to meditation and all these great tools, visualization is such an amazing way to accelerate the process. Just ask Dr. Joe Dispenza. The power of our thoughts are undeniable.

Sit and visualize roots shooting out the soles of your feet, connecting deeper and deeper into the core of the earth. Speak your intention to her, like a prayer. For some people, this might sound silly, but why close yourself off to the possibility?

Open your mind and your heart because nature has been utilized by tribes and cultures for THOUSANDS of years. And now, we are more disconnected from Nature than ever. Our health as a society is on a rapid decline. So, I don’t think going back to our old roots is such a far out concept. 

What’s the worst that could happen? 

Let’s say you send so much love and hug a tree, “What if people think I’m crazy?”

Feel into that response because that is a deep emotion that is knocking on your door craving some light and attention. The fear of what others might think. This fear traps many of us into a prison. We are unable to express and be our true selves, and this can kill our dreams and spirits. 

That discomfort will arise, but the more you face it, the more trees you hug, and the more people that look at you, the smaller that voice and fear will become. 

What will you find?

Some people might smile. Some might ignore. Some might laugh. Some might be jealous that you’re free enough to do this. Few might bark at you. Some might say “Right on!” And some might now finally have the courage to go up, join you, and hug that beautiful tree.

So, let’s break it down, in every one of those situations, you were doing the same thing (Hugging a tree), yet, you got all of these different responses. Some good. Some bad.

SO, is it really the act of hugging the tree that engages a particular response? Or, is it the person themselves?

Some people might just be having a bad day. Some might be deeply insecure, and the only way to feel big is to make others feel small. Some might act out because they actually envy how free spirited you are. We never truly know why people say or do what they do. Many people don’t truly know why they say or do what they do. Much of it is years of conditioning.

In Don Miguel Ruiz’s book. The Four Agreements, one of the agreements is “Do not take anything personally”. 

We are truthfully conditioned to think we are at fault for certain situations, whether it’s our fault or not. Our ego will act out to protect our sense of “identity”. But, someday you’ll realize that if someone makes fun of you or does something terrible or just anything that brings up an emotional response in you, it’s got most everything to do with what they’re going through and dealing with, and very little to do with you. This knowledge, awareness and practice will help free the mind to creatively express.

So, go out and hug a tree. Sit in the middle of the park in meditation. Let people watch. Stand by your choices. It’s wildly uncomfortable at first, but over time you will slowly start to free yourself from this mental prison. This will translate to freedom of expression in other areas of your life as well.

At the end of the day, we are students of life. Nature has so many beautiful lessons to share with us, if and when we pay attention. 

Get outside.

Pay attention.


Be present.

And soak in the benefits and life force from Mother Earth.

All love.


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